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You get a recording page, playback page, QR code and you can convert voice to video by uploading a photo.

Voice messages remain online as long as you want.

The videos below were made with our system. generate voice to video. this is included for free

What is Record Memories?

Record Memories is an innovative online tool that allows guests at an event to record audio messages. These messages form a vibrant and personal memory that goes much deeper than a photo or a written message. With Record Memories, the voices, emotions, and stories of your loved ones can be captured and preserved for the future.

More than 1200+ recording evens already been made through our platform.

How does it work?

The process is simple and user-friendly. The event organizer creates an account, sets the details of the event, and pays for the service. Then our system generates a unique QR code for the event.

Guests can scan this QR code to open the recording page, where they can record their own message. After recording their message, they enter their email address and receive a verification link to save their message.

You can indicate a start and end date until when people can decide. The person for whom the recordings are made can listen to the voice for years to come. there is no limit to that


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    Why choose Record Memories?

    Capturing memories with Record Memories offers several advantages. First, it’s a unique and personal way to commemorate an event. Instead of relying on photos or written messages, guests can capture their own voice and emotions. Second, it’s a durable way to preserve memories.

    Unlike physical photo albums or guest books, audio recordings are not subject to physical wear and tear. Finally, Record Memories is a user-friendly and accessible tool.

    Guests only need a smartphone to record their message, and the organizer can easily download and listen to all recordings.


    share a separate voice message.

    Also share a separate voice message to family or friends that you have received on the platform.

    By clicking on the icon, he copies the link and you can share it

    Convert Voicemails to Shareable Clips.

    Convert voice recordings into captivating MP4 visuals in no time. With our Audio-to-Video tool, enhance your audios with personalized backgrounds and mesmerizing waveform animations.

    Perfect for getting noticed on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Let the world hear what you have to say in a visually engaging manner!



    Memories make events unforgettable. With Record Memories, you can easily and uniquely save these moments.
    From weddings to retirements, it’s the ideal way to cherish special occasions. Dive into a fresh memory-capturing experience today!

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    What's included?

    The price is one-off, and there will be no additional costs for updates that we make during your us.
    79,99 59,-
    Recordings page
    Playlist page
    Share individual audio messages
    Unlimited number of recordings
    Audio message to video generator
    audio remains online for life
    Free canvas templates
    Free QR code generator
    Create free support for events

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