An innovative online tool that allows guests at events to record audio messages, creating a personal and vibrant memory that goes beyond photos or written messages.

The event organizer creates an account, sets event details, and pays for the service. A unique QR code is generated for the event, which guests can scan to record their messages.

It offers a personal way to commemorate events with voice and emotions, is durable as it's not subject to physical wear like photo albums, and is user-friendly, requiring only a smartphone for recording.

Yes, separate voice messages received on the platform can be shared. Users can copy the link by clicking on an icon and share it.

Yes, voice recordings can be converted into MP4 visuals with personalized backgrounds and waveform animations, suitable for sharing on social media platforms.

It is suitable for various events like weddings, retirements, baby showers, and more, offering a unique way to cherish special occasions.

Users have shared positive experiences, highlighting the platform's special role in capturing memories at weddings, retirements, and baby showers.

Our digital audio guestbook service is available for a one-time fee of €59. This fee includes lifetime online access to your recorded memories. Once you pay, your audio guestbook and all the recorded messages will remain accessible online indefinitely, ensuring that your special moments are preserved forever.